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    This page include tips to help you order the perfect pair of sandals. Make sure you choose the right size and the right heel; given that this is a handcrafted, made-to-order item, we do not accept returns.


    In our shop, customers feet are measured at the store and the sandals are made accordingly. So, as to enable you to choose the correct sandal size from home we have created a digital pattern of all our models. 

    34 ITL 5 US 4 PRINT
    35 ITL 6 US 5 PRINT
    36 ITL 7 US 6 PRINT
    37 ITL 8 US 7 PRINT
    38 ITL 9 US 8 PRINT
    39 ITL 10 US 9 PRINT
    40 ITL 11 US 10 PRINT
    41 ITL 12 US 11 PRINT
    42 ITL 13 US 12 PRINT


    Next, place your bare foot on top of the pattern and check that it fits within the border: if your foot goes over the line or there is too much space, try a bigger or smaller size accordingly. So, as to be certain of the accuracy of each pattern, we have created a virtual tape measure: check it next to a real tape measure to make sure that it corresponds. 

    If our tape measure does not correspond, check your printer and make sure that you have deactivated the “adapt content to page size” option.


    The traditional Capri sandal, patented by Amedeo Canfora, has a 0,9 inches (2,5 centimeter) heel in real rubber: a model designed for walking up and down the steep lanes of Capri and which guarantees maximum comfort and durability.

    If you prefer a higher heel, we have created an higher one, still traditional and glamorous 2,0 inches (5 centimeter) heel  and recently we updated our options with 2 fantastic all black soles, both 0,9 inches or 2,0 inches. It gives you the chance to make your custom black sandals even more dressy and elegant. 

    Heel types:

    a) Flat heel 0,9 inches (2,5 centimeters):




    b) Heel 2,0 inches (5 centimeters): 




    d) Black sole 0,9 inches (2,5 centimeters):


    - Black sole 2,0 inches (5 centimeters):