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    How long will it take for my sandals to arrive?

    Each order is shipped within 10 working days. This period of time is necessary because we do not keep a stock of sandals and each pair is made to order.

    How are orders shipped?

    Sandals are shipped to customers using UPS delivery service: the moment your order is sent, you will receive a link and a code with which you can track your parcel’s progress.

    Can I cancel my order?

    No, each pair of sandals is made exclusively to order. Once the sandals have been made, the materials used cannot be recycled and, given the infinite combinations of style, color, heel and size, it would be near impossible to sell the sandals created specifically for you to another customer.

    Can I return my sandals if I’m not satisfied?

    If the style, color, and size of your sandals correspond to your order, we will be unable to accept their return. If a mistake has been made on our part (the style, color, or size is different to that ordered) we will replace the item at our expense.

    What can I do if the size is wrong?

    If the size is not the one which was ordered, we will replace the sandals at our expense. If the size corresponds with that ordered, but the sandals are, nevertheless, too big or too small, we will exchange them for a different size. In this case, however, the customer will be responsible for all relative shipping costs.

    What happens if the sandals are damaged on arrival?

    If for any reason, the sandals are damaged during shipping we will replace them.