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    This is the place in which you will find the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked and which will also help you purchase a pair of our sandals. If you have a question which is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Are the sandals really made on the island of Capri?

    Yes. Each and every pair of sandals is made in Canfora’s sandal shop, in Via Camerelle 3, Capri.

    Does that mean that every pair of sandals is unique?

    We do not have a stock of sandals. It is only when we receive an order of a pair of sandals that we start to make them. This is why each pair is unique and it is for this reason that also we cannot accept returns or cancellations of orders.

    What materials do you use to make the sandals?

    Soles are made from real Italian leather, with an iron arch support to make them more robust. Heels are made from leather coated in real rubber. Straps are made using calf or goat skin. The highest quality Italian costume jewelry is used to decorate the shoes. Our sandals are 100% Italian.

    Why do Canfora sandals cost more than other Capri-style sandals on the market?

    We often come across cheaper Capri-style sandals, either on the internet or in other sandal shops on the island. As a general rule, the cheaper the sandal, the poorer the quality of the workmanship and the materials used. A distinguishing characteristic of Canfora sandals is that they are all entirely hand sewn. The soles of more competitively priced sandals are not sewn but glued together (you can spot the difference by comparing the bottom of a pair of Canfora sandals and that of a cheaper pair). The heels of our sandals are made with leather and coated with non-slip rubber. Other sandals have heels coated in plastic (a material that does not guarantee the same resistance and adherence as rubber). In the same way, the costume jewelry used to decorate Canfora’s sandals is of the highest quality and it is guaranteed to last as long as the sandal itself.

    How can I make sure I order the right size sandals?

    In the section “Heel & Size Guide” you will find a number of printable pdf files, each pdf file corresponds to a shoe size. Compare it with your footprint to find the right sandal size.

    Why can’t I find any photos of high-heeled sandals?

    The traditional Capri sandals are flat heeled. We only produce high heeled sandals on request. For this reason the catalogue only contains photos of the heel itself and a few examples.

    How should I clean my sandals?

    In general, Capri sandals do not require cleaning. In particular, we advise customers to avoid using products designed for cleaning either metal or leather. If you need to clean your sandals, use a damp cloth (dampened only with water) and then leave them to dry away from direct sunlight. Make sure that they are completely dry before wearing them again.

    Do I need to store my sandals in any particular way?

    No, it’s sufficient to keep your sandals away from direct sunlight and humidity. In the winter season, you can keep your sandals in the bag in which they were sent to you.